Update: June 2020

June has seen some amazing progress as our building contractor Illingworth and Gregory have been cracking on and we are starting to see the shoots of the new building. The deep foundations below are now complete along with the underground ground drainage. The superstructure is now being assembled and should be complete before the end of June.

Both the mechanical and electrical contractors are working in the basement installing infrastructure to serve the new building with heating, hot and cold water.

All the building work is being carried out in a socially distant manner and they are making good progress in a tough working environment.

Update: May 2020

We’re very happy to be able to tell you our building contractor, Illingworth and Gregory, have resumed work on the ED/CAU Extension.

We closed the site in March to allow focus on other priorities, though continued to work with I&G on design development of the project. The four week suspension afforded us unexpected time to re-examine various engineering aspects of the design such as structures, mechanical and electrical design.

Last week we re-positioned the ED triage tent to enable access onto the construction site, and on Monday 4 May work commences to make enabling adjustments to the ED reception area.

The construction industry as a whole is having to work how to carry out various construction operations safely. We are working with the contractor’s health and safety team and our Infection Prevention and Control team to look at the impact of social distancing on construction operations and the overall programme.

Update: February 2020

The building contractor will set up site hoardings on Monday 17 February and the site area in the front of our Emergency Department will begin to look different.

There will be pedestrian diversions to help direct people using car parks three and four to the Emergency Department out of hours.

Preliminary structural investigations have already begun which are quite noisy and intrusive, so please accept our apologies for any disruption you have experienced.

On Tuesday 25 February the contractor will begin demolition works to the canopy which was over the old ambulance entrance. This work will take between three and seven weekdays and will complete by Tuesday 3 March. It will be very noisy, and will create dust and significant vibration throughout the front of the hospital.

Affected areas include the Emergency Department, i-Heart and Physiotherapy on the ground floor, and Medical/Surgical Outpatients and Ophthalmology on the first floor. Please be aware if you need to access one of these areas for an appointment or as a visitor.

Apologies for any inconvenience or disruption this work may cause you. We ask for you to please bear with us while this essential work takes place.

A note about site safety during construction works

  • For your safety follow the pedestrian diversion signs and keep to the footpaths
  • Be aware of Construction Traffic, Ambulances and other Vehicles
  • Follow the pedestrian diversion signs
  • Do not walk on the roads – keep to the footpaths
  • Supervise Children at all times
  • If you are driving on site – do not exceed 5mph


The engineering works at the front of the hospital for the new ambulance area are due to be completed on Friday 17 January 2020. The area will go live on Monday 20 January from 7am. We are very happy to report this is the first milestone for the project.Ambulances will now again enter the site from Entrance C. From Monday 20 January they will use our new ambulance bays and temporary ambulance entrance adjacent to Resus. Ambulances will no longer be using entrance D to drop of patients.

Work on Phase 2 for the new building is expected to start in early February 2020 and information will be published shortly.

There will be a closure of Entrance D for outgoing vehicles on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 January to enable some remedial works to take place – for these two days staff and visitors are asked to leave the site via Entrance A.

For these two days visitors will not be able to use Entrance D to access the pick-up/drop-off point outside the Emergency Department but will be able to enter and exit to drop off /pick up using the entrance C/D.

Our new vehicular access for pick up and drop offs for the Emergency Department is now in operation. This is in preparation for the new Paediatric Emergency Department and Children’s Assessment Unit extension at the front of the hospital.

If you are dropping-off or picking someone up from the Emergency Department you should now use our newly created junction at entrance D on Gawber Road.

There is no vehicular access to this location via the main car park entrance.

Women in labour should also use this entrance out of hours for the quickest access to the birthing centre.

What are we building and why?

On Monday 7 October construction began for the new Paediatric Emergency Department and Children’s Assessment Unit extension. 

During this initial phase, there is likely to be disruption to car parking, traffic flow and pedestrian access in front of the Emergency Department, and along to the main entrance. You may have already seen the article in Barnsley Hospital News in August which outlined the proposals.

Barnsley Hospital is investing £3.5m into a dedicated, co-located Children’s Emergency Department and Children’s Assessment Unit. Co-locating these two units will provide an improved experience for children and families, and will enable us to increase our capacity to treat adults in the current Emergency Department.

The project is planned over three phases and is due to complete in spring 2021.

* Please note these are artist impressions and the final appearance of the building may be different

Patient and visitor access to Emergency Department (ED) – what you need to know

The main entrance to ED will remain open, though you will only be able to drop people off outside the Emergency Department entrance.

There is no change to arrangements for women arriving for the Birthing Centre after hours.

Car Parking – what you need to know

If you’re visiting the hospital, please allow a little extra time to navigate into the car park as there are a few changes to entrances, and we have had to remove a small amount of parking bays to accommodate the construction site. Only ambulances will be able to access the area in front of the Emergency Department from car park Entrance C on Gawber Road.

If you are dropping-off or picking someone up from the Emergency Department you should now use our newly created junction at entrance D on Gawber Road.

There is no car parking available directly in front of the Emergency Department. Some disabled car parking spaces will be allocated in car park 3, near to the main car park entrance on Gawber Road.

Contractor activity and compound

There will be a contractor compound outside the Women’s and Children’s Services building, and vehicles will be moving around the front of the hospital from the site areas to the contractor’s compound. Please ensure you take extra care when driving or walking in this area.