We updated our information about visiting on our Postnatal ward on Monday 23 November 2020

With immediate effect, the way Maternity services in Barnsley are functioning is changing.

Due to the current Global situation and the increasing need to protect our patients and staff, changes are happening in Maternity Services at Barnsley, following Trust Guidance. This information could be regularly subject to change and is for the safety of all concerned.
We want to provide clear information for all areas of maternity services.

We appreciate that during pregnancy, birth and beyond are the times when women and their families need our support most and we are committed to providing safe compassionate and supportive maternity care.

To help us to help you please continue to monitor;


You will be contacted prior to your appointment to ensure you are fit and well, you will be given advice on how and where the appointment will be carried out. You must attend this appointment alone.

If you are admitted to the hospital during this time, visitors will not be permitted on the ward area.

Attending your ultrasound scan

Women attending for either their dating or A&P scan (you may know these as your 12 and 20 week scans) will be allowed to bring one other person (no children) – to part of the scan.

You will be contacted prior to your appointment to ensure you are fit and well, you will be given advice about this appointment.

Mums to be must initially attend the department on their own and wait in the Ultrasound waiting area, once you have checked in at reception. Partners cannot wait in here due to our small waiting area – and the social distancing rules. Mums to be will be asked initially to enter the scan room alone for the first part of the scan. Once the Sonographer (person scanning you) has all the necessary measurements and completed their checks of your baby you will be asked to contact your partners by phone who can join you for the remainder of the scan. The Sonographer will then show you both the images of the scan and answer any of your questions.

Partners must wear a face covering as per hospital rules which commenced on Monday 15 June.

Social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times whilst in the department.

Unfortunately partners cannot attend any Antenatal Clinic appointments following the scan, again this is due to the fact that we have small waiting/consultation rooms – partners should wait outside or in their car until any clinic appointment following scan has been completed. It may be possible for this appointment to be virtual.

We are currently only able to offer this for these two scans, and NOT for any growth scan appointments, which usually take place after 28 weeks.

We hope that easing restrictions in our ultrasound department, will reduce your anxieties and concerns – if at any time the safety of women, babies or staff is compromised we would have to re look at these changes.

Birthing Centre triage

This is the assessment area located on the Birth Centre. If you have any concerns during your pregnancy please call 01226 432249, you will be given advice and advised what to do next.

You must attend this area alone.

If you need to attend the Birthing Centre or Triage out of hours, you will no longer be required to go through A&E, the main entrance will remain open 24hours and will be monitored. Please look out for updated information concerning out of hours entrance to Barnsley Maternity Services.

During Labour

Once your labour is confirmed, 1 birth partner only during this time. You will be unable to change birth-partners during labour and unfortunately relatives will be unable to wait outside the Birthing centre. This is to protect you, your partner, the staff and others in the area. You will have time together following the birth of your baby on the Birthing Centre. If it is safe to do so you may be discharged from the Birthing Centre.

Before admission we will ask questions about your birth partners health, if they are found to have any symptoms of Covid-19 they will be asked to not attend the unit with you.

Partners must wear a face covering as per hospital rules which commenced on Monday 15 June.


– Rules Updated – 23.11.20

A nominated birth partner will be able to visit the mum to be/ new mum & baby for one hour a day. This visiting slot will be by appointment only in order to control the number of visitors on the ward and maintain social distancing, ensuring the safety of all mothers, babies and staff. This relates strictly to birth partners only, who accompanied during labour, no siblings will be permitted on the ward.

Women can book their visiting appointment with the midwife on the ward.

We are only able to have one visitor in the 4-6 bedded bays & no more than 4 visitors on the ward at any given time.

On the day a woman is being discharged, there will be no visiting slot allocated for that day.

The nominated birth partner must wear a mask as they enter the hospital grounds and throughout their visit on the ward in line with government guidance.

Birth partner temperatures will be taken on arrival of their allocated slot, if 37.8 or above they will not be given access to the ward and will be advised accordingly.

The nominated birth partner must stay in the mothers allotted bed space only and must leave after their allotted time to allow for the next appointment blocks.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Community Visits

Community midwives are continuing to visit during this time and you will be contacted prior to the midwife attending and you will be advised how this appointment will be carried out. Please be aware this will involve minimal hands on contact. We also request that there are no visitors in the house during the visit and that the midwife only has face to face contact with mother and baby.

Elective Caesarean Section

If you are having a planned caesarean section you can have 1 birth partner for the duration of your caesarean birth. As with all births your birth partner will not be permitted on the ward area and will be advised to wait in the area outside the ward where there are changing facilities. We expect discharge to be within 24hours of the procedure – this is a case by case decision.

Emergency Caesarean Section

If this event should occur during labour, and it is clinically possible your partner can accompany you to theatre & recovery. If activity on the Birthing Centre allows, you will be able to have time back on the Birthing Suite prior to transfer to the ward. If you have signs or confirmed Covid 19 unfortunately it is not possible for your partner to accompany you to theatre. Once the caesarean has been completed you will be returned to the Birthing Centre where you can spend some time together as a family before being transferred to the ward. Your midwife will support throughout and will advise accordingly during this time. Again your birth companion will not be permitted on to the maternity ward.

Induction of Labour

If you require an induction of labour, and you require admission to the ward, birth partners/visitors are not permitted. Once your labour is established or you are transferred to the Birthing Centre for any reasons your birth partner can be with you. This is an assessment based on individual cases.


Please be aware this is guidance and can be changed at any point. We will keep you informed at every step of the way if we need to make changes to any of the outlined above.

We appreciate your understanding at this testing and uncertain time for us all, we hope you understand the decisions that are being made around keeping loved ones safe.