You might notice the paper we use change. We now use an off-white 100% recycled paper rather than bright white bleached paper.

This means your letters or documents will look a little less white, but we have made this change for some very good reasons.

National cost savings for the NHS

The NHS buys tons of paper, and nationally, we try to organise purchasing in order to keep costs as low as possible. This means Barnsley Hospital buys paper from a nationally contracted supplier at a fixed price.

Better for the environment

The new paper we are using is manufactured using best in class environmental practises which do not use bleach in the manufacturing process. It does not contain Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s) to whiten the paper, as they are not biodegradable so do not break down in the environment.

The paper is manufactured under the Eco Label Blue Angel which forbids the use of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process

Switching from virgin to 100% recycled paper will have a positive impact on the environment as it is an ecologically sound alternative.

Here are some examples of sustainability statistics which show the comparative annual savings for the NHS as a whole based on the 3,275,940 reams (8,150 tonnes) of virgin copier paper supplied to the NHS:

Resource Resource Saving Comparative Saving
Wood 24,485,754kgs of wood 16,600 European Spruce pine trees
Water 353,882,894 litres of water 141 Olympic size swimming pools
Energy kwh 63,117,834 kwh of energy 11,517 average family home energy consumption
CO2 5,222,429kgs of CO2 1,024 cars removed from the road a year or a Boeing 747 could fly for 6.87 days non-stop