Find out more and have your say on proposals by Sunday 13 September 2020

Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, sometimes shortened to Barnsley CCG are the the organisation who plan for, buy and help develop local healthcare services.

To help them do this, they review these different NHS services on a regular basis to make sure everyone who uses them gets the best outcomes.

The NHS has set out plans for the next 10 years, identifying respiratory conditions as a key priority. Respiratory conditions affect the set of organs that allows a person to breathe and we will be investing to improve treatment and support for people with respiratory conditions in Barnsley

It has been agreed to change the way we provide care for adults with respiratory conditions and we want to hear your views on our proposals.

What is the current service like?

The respiratory services in Barnsley are run by Barnsley Hospital and you will generally be seen by the team at the hospital. You might have heard it called the BREATHE service. The current BREATHE service is for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as well as people who need oxygen at home.

What are the plans for the new service and who is it for?

The plan is for the BREATHE team to come to your home, or for you to visit them at a clinic which is near where you live. It would be called BREATHE in the Community.

This service will be for:

  • People with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • People who need oxygen at home, nebuliser assessment and early supported discharge from hospital.
  • People who experience breathlessness due to pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, Lower Respiratory Tract Infection (LRTI), long term chronic respiratory illness, cancer where you need support at the end of life).
  • People who are receiving respiratory rehabilitation.

The BREATHE in the Community service is not for people who have heart failure, an acute chest infection, or those receiving pulmonary rehabilitation (which will remain unaffected). There are other services in place to support these people.

The service will be expanded for people in the community so that more people can benefit from specialist care in their own home or local to where they live. If you needed a stay in hospital this would still be available. The current service is coming to the end of its contract and we are using this as an opportunity to review and make any necessary changes to it.

We are proposing that BREATHE in the Community will be delivered by the specialist team in a clinic local to where you live, or in most cases in your home. The specialist team will include nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. This approach will mean fewer people need to travel to, or stay, in hospital.

What have we done so far?

Barnsley CCG have looked at national best practice and spoken to local health professionals about what they think. They have also received feedback from people living in Barnsley about their experience of using services and what they would like to see offered in the future. From this they have a picture of how people, their families/carers, and professionals would like to see health services delivered.

The new joined up services are planned to begin in April 2021.

How you can have your say

To find out more about proposals for the new service and how you can have your say, please visit and click on the link, or call Lucy Hinchliffe – Contract and Commissioning Support Manager for NHS Barnsley CCG on 01226 433738, or email

To receive the survey in a different format (e.g. for a paper copy) please call Lucy Hinchliffe – Contract and Commissioning Support Manager for NHS Barnsley CCG on 01226 433738 or email

If you would like further opportunities to be involved with developing this service through an online focus group, please call Lucy Hinchliffe – Contract and Commissioning Support Manager for NHS Barnsley CCG on 01226 433738 or email

Please note the closing date for feedback is Sunday 13 September 2020

On behalf of NHS Barnsley CCG, thank you for your input into this work.