We’ve launched two new courses to develop and strengthen the leadership talents of our staff.

The Talent Management Programme includes the Aspiring Talent and Ascending Talent courses. Both courses aim to help staff from any area or profession in the organisation enhance their leadership skills. They also provide them practical experience in delivering projects to make improvements for staff and patients.

The 12-18 month courses include group work, reflective thinking and opportunities to shadow other departments. Each student gets a mentor and coach to support them. The outcome of the course is to equip learners with the knowledge and experience to become healthcare leaders of the future.

The courses target different levels of staff and are tailored to the existing skills and experience of students. Candidates for the courses were identified during their appraisal and recommended by their managers. Students complete the course alongside their current role.

Kerry Gillott, Learning and Organisational Development Manager and Talent Management Programme Lead said:

“The Talent Management programmes were designed to up-skill staff who show potential leadership ability. It is important as an organisation that we invest in the future development of our staff and nurture home grown talent.

“Students went through a selection process in order to gain their place on the programme as we had more applications that we had places available. The students are given mentorship by senior leaders within the organisation, including members of the Executive Team. This will allow them to gain support and challenge where needed along their leadership development journey.

“Students will work together in their groups to deliver on a project that will be of benefit to patients or staff and this will help the Trust in achieving its objectives for 2016/2017. At the end of the programme we are aiming for a pool of talented and skilled leaders that will help the Trust to achieve its objectives over the coming years.”

The course started in September and already students are have had ideas how to make improvements for staff and patients.

Talent Management Students

Louise Love, Patient Experience Support Officer and student on the Aspiring Talent Programme, said:

“I applied for the programme as I wanted to develop my leadership skills and find out how I can make positive changes for Barnsley Hospital.

“The course has been really interesting so far, we have started to work on projects in groups which has taught us negotiation skills, presenting skills and made me realise how a small idea can grow in to something that can make a real difference to patients and staff. I’m looking forward to shadowing colleagues in other departments to see what challenges and rewards they face in their role.”

The Talent Management Programme is supported by management and recognised as a valuable way to develop and nurture home-grown talent.