Patients continue to attend Barnsley Hospital for elective and emergency surgery. To keep them safe and well, the hospital has made some changes to a corridor route inside the building.

Exclusive use of the A1 entrance

All patients attending Theatre Arrivals must enter the hospital via the A1 hospital entrance. This is the entrance accessed by a pathway from Pogmoor Road at the top of Summer Lane.

This entrance is now exclusively for the use of surgical patients and staff so no one else will be able to access any other part of the hospital using this entrance. Please either use the main entrance, or the dedicated entrance for the Emergency Department.

What happens upon arrival

Everyone using this entrance will undergo a temperature check and symptom assessment upon entry.

Patients will be asked to contact Theatre Arrivals on 01226 431708 or 01226 431717 to let them know they have arrived.

Patients will then be escorted to Theatre Arrivals following a normal temperature reading and confirmation that they do not have any symptoms of Covid-19.

We apologise for any inconvenience. These changes have been introduced in the best interests of patients and staff. Other users of the hospital will be able to follow the on-site signage to get to where they need to be.