Dr Steve Lobaz, Consultant in Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine, has literally put Barnsley on the map – after sharing his expertise at an international working group on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) run by Baxter International.

Barnsley Hospital appeared on a map on the agenda for the Virtual Clinical Summit about persistent Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and the role of a biomarker called CCL-14. The hospital was listed alongside leading hospitals such as Guy’s and St Thomas’ (also in the UK), the University Clinic in Austria, San Donato in Italy, and University Hospital Lyon in France. Experts from eminent medical organisations in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, and USA also joined the event.

As part of this working group, Dr Lobaz and Barnsley hospital ICU will be evaluating the role of the CCL-14 biomarker in identifying patients with persistent AKI and how it may be used to improve patient outcomes.

Dr Lobaz recently co-wrote a published clinical article with Dr Sylvester, an Anaesthetic & Intensive Care Medicine trainee working on rotation in South Yorkshire, about fluid management relating to patient outcomes & AKI.

In March 2022, Dr Amy Baker, an Anaesthetic & Intensive Care Medicine trainee in Barnsley and Dr Lobaz, had a poster presentation on a Hyponatraemia service evaluation that they conducted in the Trust, accepted at the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) 2022, Brussels.

Dr Lobaz and team have also produced educational training videos on AKI, Fluid balance and Hyponatraemia management.

AKI is where the kidneys suddenly stop working properly. It can range from minor loss of kidney function to complete kidney failure, and often happens as a complication of another serious illness. It causes a build-up of waste products in the blood and makes it hard for the kidneys to keep the right balance of fluid and nutrients in the body.

Deborah Firth, Barnsley Hospital’s Patient Safety and Quality Lead who works with Dr Lobaz, said he was proud and inspired to have been a guest of the international AKI event.

She added: “Dr Lobaz is an anaesthetist but is also our lead and guiding light for AKI, including prevention and management. The fact that he was invited to this event confirms recognition from experts around the world, notably those from much bigger teaching hospitals.”