We’re backing the #Fit2Sit campaign which encourages frontline health professionals and paramedics to put an end to patients lying down on trolleys and stretchers if they are well enough to sit or stand.

Fit2Sit is a national campaign that feeds into the #EndPJparalysis initiative which we already support. Fit2Sit looks at patients arriving at our Emergency Department to see if they can be safely assessed and treated whilst sitting in a chair rather than lying on a bed.

There are a number of reasons why it is good for patients to sit if they can.

  • Patients maintain dignity and respect.
  • It is easier to get up and move around if required, to access food and drink or go to the toilet.
  • Patients who are more independent are more likely to go home sooner.

A small group of staff from the hospital including a nurse from the Emergency Department are heading up the campaign from August 2018, with the support of staff and management across the Trust.

We will provide feedback throughout the trial period to keep you updated of the results and progress.

Please support the cause on Twitter using #fit2sit and #endpjparalysis hashtags. You will see posters around the hospital from the beginning of August, but for more information please read about the idea on the NHS Improvement website.

If you are a patient or carer attending our Emergency Department you may be assessed in a chair rather than a bed but this will not impact on the care you receive. You may be asked to answer a short question about your visit so we would really appreciate your feedback.