Works to enable the construction of our new £7.3m Critical Care Unit began on Monday 18 October. The site of this new unit is at the front of the hospital, in and amongst the two courtyards behind main reception.

This enabling work will take place in three phases, and once complete, construction of the new unit will begin.

Because of where these works have to take place, there will be some disruption to the car park area immediately outside the main entrance, and how people are able to travel from main reception to the Blue and Purple Zones of the Hospital.

Later this month we will need to put up some temporary fencing to enclose the building works. The building contractors will need a space to house their offices and store equipment. This will be at the far end of Car Park 4, directly outside the Women’s and Children’s Services entrance.

Access to Purple and Blue Zones from the main entrance

A short section of corridor will need to be closed on occasions to allow equipment and material to pass from the building site to the outside area.

This means anyone wishing to travel inside the hospital directly from the main entrance to the Blue or Purple Zones (or vice versa) will not be able to.

An alternative route will be signposted which will direct people to the lifts for them to continue their journey on the first floor, using a second set of lifts to get back down to the ground floor.

This corridor section will be closed for an extended period during the last week of October, and then throughout the construction period for a short time each morning and afternoon as people, equipment and materials are transferred to and from the building site.

Change to car parking and traffic flow

When the builders’ compound is put up, we will temporarily lose a small number of accessible car parking spaces in this area, as well as the current pick up/drop off spaces used by the public and taxis. A new pick up/drop off area will be created outside our Outpatients entrance, just to the right of the current spaces.

All these changes will be well signposted, and we will have someone available to help direct car park users to appropriate places.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause – we hope you agree our extended and improved Critical Care Unit will be worth this disruption.