Barnsley Hospital’s chemotherapy ward has installed an ‘End of Treatment’ bell on to one of its wards. Patients on Ward 24 will be invited to ring the bell upon completion of their cancer treatment at the Trust.

Inspired by the Facebook page ‘End of Treatment Bells’, the idea of the bell is that it is a symbol of hope for families who find themselves on this horrendous journey. Some families treatment last for years, some for months, and each path is unique to them.

Haemato-oncology clinical nurse specialist, Emma Sedgwick, introduced the idea to the Trust. She said:

“Chemotherapy is given in Barnsley for a number of cancers. Some are curative and others are non-curative. What is uniform is that each patient undergoes their own personal journey.

“Chemotherapy can be daunting and there may be highs and lows along the way so the bell and certificate of achievement delivers encouragement and recognition to patients and is very symbolic.

“My role is to talk patients through their diagnosis and treatment and explain the process, which is hard work and often emotional for all those concerned.

“Each person has a different story and individual  challenges and difficulties. This is about that sense of accomplishment and perhaps other wards and departments could create ideas that have a similar respective impact on patients.”

It won’t be long before the bell is rung loud and proud on Ward 24.