It’s wonderful that lots of local organisations and individuals wish to support our hospital family right now.

We need to ensure donated items are appropriate and safe to accept. In the interests of staff and patient safety, we are currently limiting visitors for patients on site, so please do not just turn up at the hospital reception with items to donate.

We have a designated drop off point which must be used for any items being delivered to the hospital. Please get in touch with our Charity team so they can advise you whether your donation can be accepted, and provide details of how it can be received on site.

As we’re trying to discourage physical drop offs to the hospital, we’ve set up an Amazon wishlist for an easy way to send donations which will support our staff and patients.

These donations will be distributed as fairly and evenly as possible with the help of a dedicated team of staff volunteers. Some of the items on the list will be used to enhance patient experience, for example tablets will help people stay in touch with family while we have suspended visiting.

If you have suggestions for any other appropriate items you think would be beneficial for staff or patients, please email so they can consider your suggestion.

Once again, thank you to all our generous supporters. The Barnsley Hospital Charity website has many ways for you to get involved in fundraising, and lots of different ways to make a donation.

If you have a question about becoming a supplier to our hospital, please get in touch with our procurement team.