With Christmas just around the corner, Barnsley Hospital has some pointers for its many kind supporters – to help get their gifts and donations to the right place at the right time.

Maybe you are considering making a donation of Christmas presents to the children’s or elderly patients’ wards this year? Please do let us know so that we can ensure we have a member of the charity team on hand to accept your donations.

We are only able to accept donations of new items and we are required to unwrap any presents that are donated, so we would appreciate it if presents could remain unwrapped. Any toys that are not used over Christmas will be used by the team during the rest of the year for our younger patients.

Tiny Hearts Appeal

Want to join in festive fundraising for our Tiny Hearts Appeal? You could hold a ‘wear your Christmas jumper’ day at work or at your local community groups. You could also make a donation to our appeal in lieu of Christmas cards or presents. We do ask that if you would like to make a donation, that you do not take this to the Neonatal Unit as we have lots of little babies who are vulnerable to infections on the unit at all times. Please instead take your donation along to our cashiers’ office where you will receive a receipt for your donation. For more information on making a donation, visit: www.barnsleyhospitalcharity.co.uk/donate

Children’s Ward

Every year we are lucky enough to receive many gifts for our children’s ward throughout the festive period and appreciate these wonderful donations.

We would ask that all gifts for the children’s ward are delivered before 19 December, in order to give us time to sort and distribute these appropriately. As we have children from babies to teenagers in our ward, we ask that all presents are unwrapped or in gift bags so that we can organise the presents into the correct age groups.

Gift donations will be used to ensure children on the ward receive a present at Christmas, so we will not be accepting second hand donations at this time. We would also like to remind you that donations must not be taken to the ward as the children on our ward may be resting or recovering and our staff will be extremely busy providing patient care.

In addition, some of our children may have a weakened immune system which makes them vulnerable to a cough or cold which may seem a minor annoyance to us but could have a severe impact on them. Did you know you can be a carrier of the flu bug even if you do not have symptoms, risking passing this on.

Gifts for elderly patients

Some of our elderly patients may not have many visitors over the festive period. Have you considered donating a gift for them this year? Often our older patients spend time in the hospital over Christmas and we would like to offer them a donated gift as a way to bring Christmas cheer and boost morale across the wards.

A small gift such as a scarf and gloves, a toiletry gift set, a jigsaw or even a blanket, are a lovely idea to cheer up our patients.  Again, we ask that presents are unwrapped so that we can ensure the gifts are suitable for each patient.  A good way to present the gifts for elderly patients is to wrap up a shoe box and pop the gifts inside. This means it is easy for our staff to look at each gift and it is also easier for our patients to open. We would also like to remind you that donations must not be taken to the wards as ward staff are extremely busy and coughs, colds and flu could have a negative impact on our patients.

Donation of Selection Boxes

We are delighted each year when donors support us with selection boxes. If you intend to bring a donation of selection boxes, do get in touch with the charity office as soon as you start your collection so we can accept and distribute these in time for Christmas and celebrate your donation.

If you would like to make a donation or give a gift to Barnsley Hospital this Christmas, please liaise with our charity team on 01226 432307. The team will be on hand to accept donations and to ensure thank you letters are sent. Please let the team know if and when you will be bringing your donations so we know the range and quantity of gifts we will be receiving.

Thank you!