Barnsley Hospital has upgraded its medical imaging equipment with a state-of-the-art Siemens Sola MRI scanner, significantly boosting patient experience.

The scanner was revealed recently, following staff receiving training to help optomise the cutting-edge tech features that it offers.

The new scanner boasts a 70cm open bore design that will give patients more space and a greater experience, aiding with anxiety and delivering high-quality medical imaging, as well as reducing patient waiting times. This is the second MRI scanner, and will provide additional capacity for the patients of Barnsley which will reduce waiting times for these scans.

The scanner has breathing software installed to help imaging teams get scans that they previously wouldn’t have been able to, and they can now offer cardiac MRI scans in Barnsley – further helping patients who previously would have had to travel to Leeds or Sheffield to access this service.

Deputy associate director for operations Kavi Berry Said: “Colleagues are savouring working with the newer technology and together with the new scanner are looking forwards to getting the most out of the machines. The scanner has received very good feedback from staff and patients in relation to what it can offer.”


Radiology Services Manager Alison Lamb and Modality Lead for CT & MRI Sarah Lee added: “the new scanner will not only improve diagnostic waiting times but also the overall patient experience with the brand-new facilities. One of the aims is to offer support to regional hospitals who are still struggling with backlogs so we are hopeful it will benefit patients outside of our local community as well.”

The new MRI technology allows us produce the best quality imaging we can, the scanner further provides a 21st century patient experience as well as an upgraded facility for staff.