Accident and emergency department consultants Clare Ginnis and Joanne Stone embrace Global Recycling Day

Accident and emergency department consultants Clare Ginnis and Joanne Stone embrace Global Recycling Day

Marking Global Recycling Day 2022, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has launched its ambitious Green Plan this March.

The Plan details the actions the Trust will take to reduce its impact on the environment for the next five-years. This is our first step towards assisting in achieving the NHS carbon net-zero target by 2040. Barnsley Hospital has recently launched its new Trust Strategy 2022-27 with ‘best for planet’ being a key strategic goal. The two plans demonstrate the Trusts commitment to the environmental sustainability agenda.

Energy and Sustainability Manager for the Trust Mo Sajard has said:

“Our new Green Plan sets out the Trust’s commitment, to achieving net zero by 2040 for directly controlled emissions.  To achieve the new targets, we need to radically change the way we operate our buildings, how our staff commute to work, how we deliver services, how we purchase goods, how we deliver patient care, how we reduce and manage our waste and much more. The new Green Plan sets out our strategic objectives and organisational targets.”

The launch couldn’t be timelier, as the trust welcomed and celebrated the installation of new recycling bins across the site to embrace Global Recycling Day. the day raises awareness that recycling is an integral part of helping to protect our natural resources, both locally and globally.

Teams across the hospital have also recently tried out new reusable surgical masks, gowns and theatre caps (hair-covers). The aim is not only to significantly reduce the waste volume of single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) –  but also to invest in a recyclable product to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Chief delivery officer and Deputy CEO Bob Kirton said:

‘’The need to address the climate crisis has become urgent, the NHS has set the ambitious target to become a carbon net zero organisation by 2040, ten years ahead of the nationally mandated target. In line with these ambitions, we are pleased to present Barnsley hospital’s first Green Plan. This focuses on our strategy to progress our organisation, as well as embrace our progress to date towards net zero over the next five years.

We are one of the largest employers in the region, and have a significant opportunity to lead the way in promoting the sustainability agenda. We will use our influence to embed sustainability throughout our organisation and the wider region.’’

Head of Facilities Paul Haytree added:

“the new mixed waste recycling bins will help with better waste segregation and maintain our overall goal of ensuring we send zero waste to Landfill. This is something we are extremely proud of here at Barnsley Hospital”.

The Green Plan covers other aspects of sustainability including:

  • adaptation to climate change
  • travel
  • green space
  • new models of healthcare
  • improvements infrastructure
  • resource efficiency.

We will not be making printed copies of the Green Plan, so it is available to access digitally here on our website.

Barnsley Hospital Green Plan 2022-27