We want you to use your mobile device in hospital, it’s an important way of keeping in touch and making use of online resources like the NHS app.

It’s important that when you use your mobile device in hospital you’re careful not to:

  • Take anyone’s photo without permission, including staff or people in the background of your photos e.g. in busy waiting areas. It is important to remember that taking a photo or video could breach another patient’s privacy and cause them distress.
  • Make video calls in a way that means the other person can see any other patients, visitors or staff members.
  • Make calls or use your phone in a way that disturbs other patients.
  • Use your mobile device around sensitive equipment where there is a particularly high risk of interference. Signs will make it clear that you shouldn’t use your phone in that area. Switch it off or enable ‘airplane mode’. Do not just leave the device on the silent or vibrate setting as it could still affect medical equipment.

Read the full guidance published by the NHS here.