Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was delighted to be presented with a full 5 year certification from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, who elected to make the journey especially to present the certificate to Chairman Steve Wragg.

The Trust is immensely proud to be the first NHS organisation to receive such an award and follows the interim one year accreditation which we received in February 2017. The certification confirms the Trust uses its CCTV and Body Worn Video in a responsible, legal and proportionate way confirmed by an independent assessment and audit conducted on behalf of the Commissioner.

Mr Porter said: “I regularly sing the praises of Barnsley Hospital as pioneers of surveillance and how they’ve used surveillance to good effect and that’s a credit to Mike Lees (Head of Security) and is a terrific accolade to be proud of.”

Upon receiving the award, Steve said:

“Mike and his team keep us all safe – as safe as they can – and ultimately that’s key. We’ve had no thefts in the last month which is a huge positive for the Hospital and is a great way to celebrate this award. We’re really thankful for the work that the onsite G4S Security team do and, of course, to Tony for making the trip here especially.”