Children at Summer Lane Primary School have been helping Barnsley Hospital staff get in the mood for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – with some fab portraits of Her Majesty.

The children donated their artworks to brighten up the corridors of the Pathology labs at the hospital. A group of them visited the labs with headteacher Mr Smith and teacher Miss Macauley to meet lab staff and see their artwork in place on the walls.

The idea came about after Biomedical Scientist Alex Burton-Keeble tweeted the school thanking children for a colourful ‘NHS Heroes’ banner displayed outside their premises.

Alex said: “They have done some amazing artwork for us which is now up in the lab. They’ve recently done some portraits of the Queen to get us in the spirit for the Jubilee. In return, we’re planning to do some talks in the school about science and careers in labs. It’s really brightened up the corridors and raised the spirits of staff.”

As well as portraits of the Queen, the children also made pictures of tropical birds and jungle animals. One of the young artists Josh Kenchington, 11, who drew an exotic spider, said: “We used all kinds of different techniques like oil pastels and wax crayons.” Oscar Evans, 11, created a picture of a jaguar. He said: “I took my time to do the spots and also made a 3D flower.” Jessica Sorensen, 11, was inspired by parrots, and Jade Simpson, 11, also chose a jaguar. She said: “One of my best friends Lucy did a tiger so I thought the jaguar would be a good match.”

Headteacher Mr Smith thanked Key Stage 2 teacher Mrs Jo Sears, and added: “We hope the pictures bring some cheer to hospital staff’s day and make them smile.” Children plan to do more artwork and other hospital departments will now be invited to share the children’s creations on their own walls.