To welcome Alcohol Awareness Week, Barnsley Hospital has launched a leading, new Alcohol Care Team (ACT) to target supporting dependent and high-risk drinkers with more specialised, personalised care.

The Trust hosted an eye-catching event that raised awareness of the new team, whose main aim is delivering expertise and interventions to alcohol-dependent patients and others with alcohol issues that may attend.

The service will be delivered by a team of dedicated alcohol specialist nurses and healthcare professionals. The formation of the ACT is in response to the vision set out in the NHS long term, which highlights the health service’s role in preventing ill health and tackling health inequalities.

As part of this work, The Trust has already formed a QUIT team that works alongside smokers to support them to stop and working on the launch of an inequalities action plan. Barnsley Hospital is an early implementer site for the ACT and has received external funding to launch this team.

This decision is based on evidence from other hospitals showing that not only will the team improve the quality of alcohol-related care, but they will also significantly reduce accident and emergency (A&E) attendances, bed days, readmissions and ambulance call-outs.