Barnsley Hospital is supplying all women who are 24 weeks pregnant with purple wristbands to remind them to check their baby’s movements during pregnancy.

Provided by local charity “Jaxon’s Gift”, which raises money to help families bereave for young children, midwives will explain the use of the band and help reinforce the usual advice about fetal movements. If the baby stops moving, women should either go to hospital or contact their midwife as this could be a potential sign of problems.

Midwives Sarah Stables and Kerry Bushell initiated the need for wristbands to act as a reminder to expectant mothers and a competition for a slogan to adorn the wristbands was organised.

Midwife Jill Wyke’s slogan: “DON’T JUST NATTER, MOVEMENTS MATTER” was fittingly chosen after the wristbands were funded by Jaxon’s mother, Louisa.

Sarah said: “Twenty-four weeks is usually the time at which movements can be monitored.

“Thanks to Jaxon’s Gift, we have 3000 wristband’s with Kerry’s slogan on which acts as a practical reminder for mother’s to take extra care and ensure that all is okay with their baby.

“It also acts as a visual prompt to help raise awareness of the fact that women attend this hospital with reduced fetal movements.”