Calling all Barnsley Children
Barnsley Hospital has absolutely loved seeing all of your beautifully designed rainbow pictures to support the NHS and all keyworkers. It has cheered us up so much when coming to work that we would like to kindly ask you to start sending some in to us to help brighten our patients’ day. Your picture will be attached to one of our special rainbow designed message cards and hand delivered to our patients.Please include your first name and age on the picture. You can also include a little message if you would like. Once you’ve finished your picture, please send it to us in a sealed envelope to: Patient Experience, Block 9, Barnsley Hospital, Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2EP.Thank you for your support

At Barnsley Hospital we understand how difficult it must be for families and loved ones at a time where visiting is suspended.

We want to support our patients and their loved ones as best we can. To do this our Patient Experience Team is supporting a number of initiatives to help families and loved ones in hospital stay in touch. If you would like us to help you to do this and would like to arrange any of the following please contact us, 7 days per week, 9am to 5pm  by email: or by telephone: 01226 436302.

We can support you to:

send a message to your loved one by email. All you need to do is send your personal email message to together with the name of your loved one and the ward where they are (please do not worry if you do not know this, we will find your loved one for you).

Your personal message will be printed and placed inside one of our rainbow designed message cards and hand delivered to your loved one.

If you would rather call us with your message you can do this too. We will hand-write your personal message into one of our message cards and hand deliver to your loved one. Please ring us and leave your message on 01226 436302.

Please note that the exchange of messages will not include clinical updates. Clinical updates can only be provided by the team caring for your loved one.

arrange a video call/telephone call with your loved one. We have the facilities to set this up for you. Please note however that this would be pre-arranged with the team and before we make the video-call we would agree a convenient time with you.

bring in personal belongings for your loved ones.Our volunteers co-ordinate getting personal belongings to patients. They are available on weekdays between 9am and 4.30pm. If you need to get personal belongings to a relative, you must first contact the Voluntary Services team on 01226 434979 or 01226 435874 to book a time to drop off your items. They will let you know where you need to go, and more details about the process. Hard items like mobile phones or books will be cleaned before being delivered to the ward. Soft items like clothes or soft toys will be placed in storage for 72 hours before they are given to patients. At weekends our volunteers are not available and you will need to liaise directly with the ward.

Please note: Items we are unable to clean such as clothing or soft toys will need to be stored at the hospital for 72 hours before we can pass them on. This means they could still be in storage at the time the patient leaves hospital.


More information about visiting the hospital is available on our visiting patients at Barnsley Hospital page.