Healthcare providers across Barnsley have have a plan to go paperless by 2020. The Local Digital Roadmap describes how Barnsley will deliver the technology we need to do this.

The plan includes many health and social care systems from partners working in healthcare throughout Barnsley. It examines the capability and technology needed to achieve the aim to be paperless by 2020.

The NHS has many targets to improve efficiency and productivity and we believe information technology can help us meet those targets. Healthcare organisations in Barnsley have been working in partnership since early 2016 to find ways to work better together. Experts and peers in the NHS have given lots of useful feedback about our plan.

We will be delivering electronic records, sharing of information across the community, patient access to their own records and innovative technology for video access to care clinics, including personal wearable devices.

We believe this aspirational plan will deliver many improvements for our staff, patients and the public.

Download the roadmap document

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3 responses to “Local digital roadmap for Barnsley health and social care”

  1. Mike Smith says:

    Who will have access to these records and data? I have not given my permission for my personal data to be shared and I do not want it given or sold to private companies.

    What reassurances can be given about this?

  2. Concerned of Barnsley says:

    Make sure you don’t do what Rotherham did and go bust financially because of a desire to go paperless.
    My prediction is it’ll cost a fortune and won’t work.