As part of our commitment to our recently published Green Plan and reducing our travel related carbon footprint, we are pleased to announce the installation of 10 new electric vehicle charging points.  This now doubles our capacity from 10 to 20 to charging points for staff use.  Dr Kathy Shakespeare who drives an electric car said “I am really pleased the Trust has supported the installation of the new charging points as they offer more staff the opportunity to charge their vehicles at work and will help staff make the transition towards zero emission vehicles”

In addition, we have installed our very first public charging point in car park 1 for patient and visitor use.  The charging points can be used via the PodPoint app and entering payment card details.

The Trusts Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Delivery Officer Bob Kirton said: “following the success of the electric vehicle charging points installed in 2018 and positive feedback from staff, our investment in the new electric vehicle charging points demonstrates our commitment to achieving the net zero target by 2040 as well as meeting staff and public needs”.

If you would like to read the Green Plan, it is available to read digitally.