Make a difference and put your name forward as a governor of Barnsley Hospital

Each year up to a third of seats for public and staff Governors go to election.

Notice is hereby given that elections will be held for the Council of Governors for Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Elections are to be held for the following number of Governors in the following constituencies and classes:

  • Eight seats in the Barnsley public constituency (public & patient members living in the borough of Barnsley)
  • One seat for the out of area public constituency
  • One seat for the Clinical staff constituency
  • One seat for the Non Clinical staff constituency
  • One seat for the Medical and Dental staff constituency
  • One seat for the Nursing and Midwifery staff constituency

UK Engage are the Returning Officer for this Election.

To stand for election you must be a member of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust within the constituency and class for which you wish to stand as a candidate. If you do not know which constituency or class you are in, please contact the Returning Officer at the address below.

Nominations may be completed online or returned by post, email or fax. To access the online nomination portal or download a nomination form in PDF format please visit

If you would like a form to be sent to you by post or email please contact UK Engage between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Tel: 0345 209 3770
  • Fax: 0161 209 4804
  • Email:
  • Post: UK Engage, Image House, 10 Acorn Business Park,
    Heaton Lane, Stockport SK4 1AS

Completed nominations must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 5.00pm on Thursday, 28 October 2021. Please do not return nomination papers to the Trust offices. If you are sending your form by post please allow sufficient time for it to arrive before the deadline.

In order to participate in the election as a candidate or voter you must be a member of the Trust on or before the closing date for the receipt of nominations.

Notice of withdrawal of candidates must be given to the Returning Officer in writing by 5.00pm on Tuesday, 2 November 2021 at the address given for delivery of nominations.

In the event of a contested election a ballot will be held and details will be sent by post or email to qualifying members. Completed votes must be received by the Returning Officer no later than the close of poll at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 7 December 2021.

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