Barnsley Hospital brought home the importance of the Occupational Therapy team during a designated week designed to promote the role of the team – and Occupational Therapy as a whole – within the working environment of a hospital.

Occupational Therapy works to help patients improve or maintain skills needed to carry out activities of daily living. Interactive displays focused on a number of themes such as Neurology/Stroke, Medical, Care of the Elderly, Falls Prevention, Orthopaedics, Aids and Equipment. There were lots of informative demonstrations for attendees to engage with.

Staff and members of the public were able to gain a visual understanding of equipment and aids that are used. They were also given the opportunity to complete different types of assessments often used with patients.

Occupational Therapist, Catherine Carney, said: “It was an excellent event which showcased who we are and what we do. It’s been really pleasing to have lots of interest. It was a very engaging and informative week.”

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