Barnsley Hospital’s Paula Maguire (above right) will rub shoulders with celebrities at next year’s Yorkshire Choice Awards.

Aside from being nominated for a prestigious award alongside famous brothers Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee and Paralympian Hannah Cockcroft, the midwife was humbled by the anonymous endorsement which sees her alongside such esteemed company.

The “Kate Granger Award for Outstanding Contribution” recognises people who have not only gone the extra mile but have given significant and lasting contributions to others.

Paula said: “I have no idea who nominated me. Obviously it was someone who knows that I work at Barnsley Hospital so it could be somebody I’ve looked after or spent a lot of time talking to at work.

“Or it could be someone who’s nominated me for my charity work; raising millions of pounds for Motor Neurone Disease on a voluntary basis.

“I got a phone call out of the blue from Yorkshire Choice Awards that I’d been nominated. It’s quite a big category to be nominated in and I noticed the Brownlee brothers are in there, so it’s nice to be in the same group as them.

“It’s nice to know that somewhere along the line I’ve made a difference and they’ve thought of me when they’ve heard of these awards and put me forward. It’s nice to know that my charity work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I come to work and sometime will stay behind after my shifts and continue to support the women and the families. If I’ve been with somebody for 12 hours and can see that they’re struggling then sometimes the mothers want me to stay and it’s hard to say no so I stay until I know both mother and baby are fine. I also do regular MND events around the country and for the people in West Yorkshire.

“For all those who’ve voted for me already, I’m so grateful that they’ve considered voting for me and made the effort to do so and, for anyone thinking about voting for me, please do vote because it means a lot.

“I’m not expecting to win when there are people like the Brownlees and Hannah Cockcroft and other amazing people in the same category but it’s nice that people have thought about me and gone online to vote for me!”

The Yorkshire Choice Awards, in general, recognises local people and independent businesses that are an inspiration in their field – with winners chosen by the general public – and identifies those local heroes who go the extra mile, show courage and determination.

To vote for Paula, simply click the link below before 1 March and make your choice.