Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to promoting patient safety and has been actively working with the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Improvement Academy to implement the ‘Huddle Up for Safer Healthcare (HUSH) Programme’.

Patient harms are estimated to cost the NHS an estimated £2.3billion per year. The implementation of HUSH has been demonstrated to reduce patient harm and promote patients safety.

Safety Huddles are being introduced on inpatient areas across the Trust to help reduce patient harm. These are daily meetings by frontline teams focused on discussing specific patient’s risk from harms (e.g. falls or pressure sores) and agreeing on a plan to minimise those risks.

We’re delighted that the Improvement Academy has commended our Paediatric ward for successfully embedding Safety Huddles five days per week, and awarded a gold certification to our Gastroenterology Ward for surpassing 150 days without an acquired pressure ulcer on the ward, which is an excellent achievement.

Ward 21

Falls/Syncope Nurse Specialist, Lynn Shaw, has recently been appointed as a Trust Coach for the Improvement Academy to help promote patient safety. She said: ‘It’s fantastic news that staff are receiving recognition and we are able to celebrate their achievements, this really helps to increase staff morale and promote teamwork.

“Safety Huddles provide a non-judgemental, no-fear space during the daily workflow, team members develop confidence to speak up and jointly act on any safety concerns they have.

“Safety huddles are a vehicle for ward teams to continually learn and improve patient safety. Congratulations to the staff involved.”