Our maternity unit is taking part in a study about how mothers are cared for when they report changes in their baby’s movement, known as ‘altered fetal movement’. It aims to find out more about the causes of differences in care.

As part of this study, a midwife researcher will be visiting the maternity unit at different times of the day and night to observe care episodes relating to altered fetal movement.

Following observations, the researcher will be reviewing some sections of the mother’s maternity notes, to learn about how care plans relating to altered fetal movement are documented and passed between staff. The researcher will also be interviewing maternity staff to learn about the thoughts and beliefs that underpin their practice.

How could this affect you?

With your permission, the researcher will be present whilst you are being seen by maternity staff and would like to review sections of your maternity notes. The researcher is only there to observe, and will not change anything staff are doing.

You can request that she leaves at any time and this will not affect your ongoing care.  If you would prefer not to be observed or have your maternity notes reviewed as part of this study, please tell a member of staff.

If you would like to know more about the study, please contact

Julia Clark
PhD Researcher and Midwife

Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester
Tel: 07832 970727 Email: jac85@le.ac.uk