Since 2015, the Improvement Academy has supported frontline teams at Barnsley Hospital – along with Leeds and Scarborough Hospitals – to introduce and establish Safety Huddles.

Safety Huddles involve all members of the ward team, both clinical and non-clinical, gathering daily at a predetermined place and time to briefly (5- 10 minutes) discuss any patient safety issues they are concerned about that day. Examples of patient safety issues are patients who are at high at risk of developing a pressure ulcer, or patients who are at risk of a fall. Allowing staff from all disciplines (from housekeepers through to medical staff) to voice their concerns improves communication, and enables actions to be put in place immediately to reduce this risk of harm.

The Improvement Academy recognise the importance of celebrating improvements in patient safety and, as such, have created milestones to be achieved. One such milestone is the number of days between pressure ulcers developing on each ward. At BHNFT, staff have worked exceptionally hard and have achieved some fantastic achievements in the number of days between pressure ulcers.

Heather McNair, Director of Nursing and Quality, and Paula MacDonald, Senior Tissue Viability Nurse delivered certificates to the following wards and areas today:

  • Ward 24 – Gold Certificate 150 days (166 days to date)
  • Ward 21 – Platinum Certificate 200 days (241 days to date)
  • Acute Stroke Unit – Rhodium Certificate 250 days (268 days to date)
  • ISU – Gold certificate 150 days (197 days to date)
  • SHDU – Diamond certificate 300 days / Outstanding Achievement 400 days (418 days to date)
  • AMU – Outstanding Achievement 80 days (92 days to date)
  • ITU – Gold Certificate 150 days (190 days to date)