From 1 October 2017 we will be extending visiting times on all adult inpatient wards

From this date visitors will be able to visit patients on adult inpatient wards between 11am and 8pm daily. Currently visiting times vary greatly across the Trust and the change will mean inpatient areas are more accessible for visitors.

Heather McNair, Director of Nursing and Quality, said:

“The new visiting times will ensure improved communication between staff, patients and their relatives. The longer visiting hours will also encourage relatives and carers to be more involved in plan of care to provide a better experience.

“Having consistent visiting times across the Trust should also eliminate confusion if patients are moved to different wards across the Trust during their stay.”

The new visiting times will support relatives and carers who may want assist patients with their meals. The ‘protected meal times’ will remain, however, this protected time will be predominately aimed at staff not interrupting patients unnecessarily during meal times.

If family or carers need to visit outside the new hours they can speak with ward staff who will support where possible.

The new visiting hours are applicable to the majority of adult inpatient wards, however the hours for the Maternity Ward, Children’s Ward and Intensive Care Unit remain unchanged, these times are available on the homepage.

You can view our Visitor’s Charter here.

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2 responses to “Visiting times to change from October 2017”

  1. Shavaune says:

    Mmm as a nurse working on busy wards for 27years, not sure if this is a good idea? Patients won’t get the rest they need, staff will be inendated with relatives, some relatives will pull their noses up when asked to leave the room, ideal opportunity for thieves, spread of infections may go up, but there are positives too, unfortunately not as many, patients may not get as depressed, relatives will feel better knowing they can be with their loved ones longer , they can encourage them to mobilise, eat and drink more!! Still think it’s a long time especially when the patients who don’t get visitors cannot get any peace if they are feeling unwell

    • ??? says:

      I agree with you there shavaune. Iv been in and out a few times and the last thing I would want is to be unwell and been laid in bed been sick and only wanting to sleep. There’s nothing I could think of worse trying to sleep and then u get visitors to ppl (sometimes kids running everywhere) I under stand visitors wanting to speak with doctors and be kept up to date but 11 till 8 is abit too long it wouldn’t av hurt to do 10.30 till 12 then like 3 till 5 and 6 till 8. There’s going to be no parking for appointments. What happens if you get took down for a scan x-ray or something like that and the doctor comes back the same day to give you some news cos I no by just pulling the curtains round don’t shut what’s got to be said out so are they going to tell visitors to wait outside the room?