On Thursday 20 June, Clean Air Day will see Barnsley Hospital, Barnsley Council, Summer Lane primary school and St Mary’s CE primary school come together to inspire people to improve air quality.

This year’s Clean Air Day theme is anti-idling. Anti-idling encourages people to turn their car engine off and not sit stationary for long periods with the engine running. Idling is particularly harmful to vulnerable people, such as children who have developing lungs. Clean Air Day helps to spread general good advice on improving air quality, such as walking or cycling to work, car-sharing or taking public transport. You can also reduce your exposure to air pollution by walking on side streets rather than busy roads.

Barnsley Hospital, along with Barnsley Council, is having an air pollution information stand on the day. This will raise awareness of anti-idling and the health benefits of low air pollution. Hospital staff will be encouraged to take a Clean Air Day pledge.

Councillor Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “Clean Air Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate all that the borough is doing to promote wellbeing, active travel and healthier lifestyles. It’s great to see so many organisations getting involved and spreading the message of improving air quality.

“Why not make a clean air pledge yourself for the year, by reducing your driving and travelling more actively?”

Thursday 20 June is a day of practical action and awareness-raising, so we can all breathe cleaner air. Find out more at www.cleanairday.org.uk.