All of the organisations who work to support people in South Yorkshire to live healthy, happy lives – such as the NHS, councils, voluntary organisations and the South Yorkshire Mayor – work together in partnership and are known as the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership.

Last year people told us about their health and wellbeing and this helped us write our Integrated Care Partnership Strategy, but there are lots of people that we didn’t hear from and we’d like their views now.

These will help us to write our ‘Joint Forward Plan’ which will set out how the NHS in South Yorkshire will change to deliver our strategy, and work over the coming years.

We want to hear from you – please tell us ‘What matters to you about your health and wellbeing’, what matters to your communities, how can we make services better quality and more accessible for you, and how health services can help you to live a healthier, happier life.

You can do this by getting in touch with your local Healthwatch or filling in this survey.