Patients and visitors at Barnsley Hospital will have access to greater WiFi as of Monday 19 December, as we look to improve the patient experience.

Implemented in time for Christmas 2016, we are excited to bring the general public better connectivity while on site, with the long term goal of tailoring the WiFi to the demands of visitors.

Upon becoming the latest in a growing number of hospitals throughout England to offer the service, Director of ICT Tom Davidson said:

“WiFi is now a huge factor in connecting people and everybody relies on it heavily in their day-to-day lives.

 “Therefore it’s to be expected by our valued patients that they receive the same quality of internet inside the hospital as they would at shopping centres and cafes.

 “We’re delighted that it will be come in to effect in time for the festive season and are confident that it will prove to be a success!”

All visitors to the hospital are reminded that mobile phones are still restricted in certain areas due to patient comfort and the sensitivities of certain medical equipment.

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  1. stacey cooper says:

    Made my wait in accident and emergency alot easier what a fantastic idea hope it is kept going.