Hospital Stop Smoking Service

Hospital Stop Smoking Service

The service provides stop smoking support and advice to help people quit smoking. 

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Hospital QUIT service

Our Stop Smoking advisors provide support on the wards during a patient's stay. Patients or staff can request a visit from the advisor who will visit the ward and provide information as appropriate.

Nicotine replacement therapy will be prescribed to assist with temporary abstinence as the hospital is a smokefree site.

On discharge from the hospital the service will contact the patient by phone and make arrangements for further support in the community, if required.

Get in touch

Call the Hospital Stop Smoking Service on
01226 432423


Patients who smoke might be asked to take a carbon monoxide test as part of their appointment. Smokers can then be referred directly to community stop smoking service for support.

The community stop smoking service provides weekly face to face support for the first 4 weeks of the quit programme, and then on a fortnightly basis, up to a period of 12 weeks. Vouchers for the supply of stop smoking medications will be issued by the advisor as appropriate and they can be taken to a local pharmacy to obtain the recommended products.  Each week the advisor will take a carbon monoxide reading to see how well the person is doing in their attempts to quit smoking. 

Anyone can call Yorkshire Smokefree on 0800 612 0011 or 0330 660 1166,  or by using the online chat facility on their website.

The Yorkshire Smokefree website also provides an on-line quitting programme, videos of stop smoking medications, people’s experiences of giving up smoking and useful tips and suggestions.

Get in touch

Call Yorkshire Smokefree on
0800 6120011 or 0330 6601166

Call Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley on 
01226 644364 (Option 2)

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