Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine

The Barnsley Hospital Respiratory Department (Chest Clinic) provide expert services in the management of acute and chronic respiratory disorders.

A model of the body showing internal organs including the lungs - these are used for teaching.

Healthcare provided

Our respiratory medicine service aims to develop and deliver comprehensive services for patients with all types of lung disease.

Our physicians, with extensive experience and expertise, provide services across the whole of respiratory medicine in association with nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists.

Our service aims to:

  • assess and diagnose respiratory diseases
  • diagnose, treat and follow up lung cancer patients
  • diagnose, treat and follow up Tuberculosis (TB) patients
  • assess for and prescribe home oxygen
  • assess patients suitability for referral for lung surgery
  • follow up patients with more severe or difficult lung disease

The consultants, junior doctors and the respiratory nurses all see patients in the clinic. You will usually see the consultant at least once.

At your first appointment there are several tests that may be carried out. You will then return for your results at your next appointment. Some tests will be done on the day and some you will need to come back for. First appointments can be lengthy so please be prepared for this.

Once a diagnosis has been reached or you are stable, then the doctor or nurse will discharge you.

Many respiratory conditions are chronic which means there is no cure. For such patients, their conditions can be managed nearer to home in the community without needing to keep coming to hospital.

Our general chest clinics are held:

  • Tuesday morning and afternoon
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Thursday morning and afternoon 

Our specialist clinics are held:

  • TB clinic - the first and second Monday of every month
  • Oxygen clinic - the second and fourth Monday of every month 

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