Research is an important part of the work of the NHS.

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Undertaking clinical research helps study and improve healthcare provided by the NHS. This could vary from improving patient’s quality of life to the development of new medications. To deliver this important work Barnsley has a research and development team who strive to give as many people as possible an opportunity to take part in research here in Barnsley.

We provide a safe and friendly environment to deliver excellent research for the local community.  We support all clinical research activity across the hospital. The work that is undertaken will support future changes in health care, help to generate new treatments and find better ways to deliver services and improve lives.

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Research and Development at Barnsley Hospital

The Research Department serves multiple functions within the trust, all of which serve to increase the relevance of the research.  We encourage a research culture within the trust, promoting collaborative arrangements with both internal and external researchers, whilst maintaining a national research profile.

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