About us

About us

The Research Department serves multiple functions within the Trust. We encourage a research culture within the trust. We promote collaboration with both internal and external researchers, whilst maintaining a national research profile.

Barnsley Hospital has a reputation of excellent delivery of several early and late phase commercial trials in various specialties. There is a strong focus on ensuring that robust feasibility checks are carried out, before any research activity begins. This ensures that recruitment to time and target at site is achieved.

Research is offered whenever possible, as a treatment option to all our patients. Visits can be conducted for inpatients and outpatients, with access to clinical equipment including emergency equipment if required.

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Our staff

The Research team at Barnsley Hospital team includes both office based and clinical staff.

The wider research team consists of Principal Investigators across various specialties, and support staff. A Principal Investigator is a doctor who leads a clinical trial.  A team of dedicated Research Nurses work for the Trust. They coordinate the set up and conduct of our research studies.

Clinical Trials Assistants carry out data entry and ensure that data queries are reviewed and resolved, in a timely manner.

The Research Governance Team focuses on speedy set-up and prompt delivery of the trial target. We have an average set-up time of 30 days. 

Our experience

Our team has a wide range of experience, including conducting a large-scale adult vaccine trial. Our principles and approach can easily be adapted to a diversity of research studies.

All Research Nurses at the Trust undertake vaccine training, as well as immediate life support and anaphylaxis training.

All research team members undertake Good Clinical Practice training, every 2 years.

Our collaborations

We have very strong links with Primary Care. This includes local GPs. We have good connections with a cluster of GPs that consist of five practices. This cluster often acts as patient identification centres - this ensures that the local population are well informed of research opportunities at the Hospital.

We have strong links with local pharmacies who display ethically approved posters, to aid in participant recruitment.

Our recruitment strategies

Potential participants are often identified during routine visits or via clinic lists.

We also use social media advertising, radio advertisement and display ethically approved posters within the Hospital, at GP practices and at pharmacies.

All potential participants are asked if they are interested in taking part, with purpose and nature of the research explained thoroughly. Patients consent is integral to the research process, and can be withdrawn at any point in the research process. 

Confirmation of Capability and Capacity

Barnsley Hospital uses a Clinical Trial Agreement and commercial web-based interactive Costing Tool. This enables rapid costing, contracting and Confirmation of Capability and Capacity to Deliver Research.

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Our research facilities

Barnsley Hospital and Rotherham Hospital use shared lab facilities, allowing research samples to be processed at either site. Samples can be stored at ambient temperature, or within a temperature monitored fridge or freezer at either -20 or -80 degrees Celsius.

Barnsley Hospital employs a lead clinical trials pharmacy technician. They are supported by a senior pharmacist. Who oversees dispensing the Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs), and management of the pharmacy site file.

In addition, there are a further three pharmacy technicians and a pharmacist who are all good clinical practice (GCP) trained. They support the dispensing of study medication. Our research pharmacy has all the facilities to deliver vaccine trials including monitored fridge and freezers.

Research and development at Barnsley Hospital can offer:

  • dedicated treatment rooms
  • -70 and -20 degrees Celsius freezers
  • a refrigerator
  • a centrifuge
  • a refrigerated centrifuge
  • a small meeting room
  • on site sample handling laboratory
  • video meeting facilities

For more information email us at barnsley.research@nhs.net

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