Having your baby in our Birthing Centre

Having your baby in our Birthing Centre

We have a purpose built birthing centre. Three of our seven birthing rooms have birthing pools, as well as beds, giving mums-to-be the option of having a water birth.

To make your experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible, each of the seven birthing rooms have décor in calming colours, adjustable mood lighting and an en-suite toilet and shower room.

As well as the seven birthing rooms our new centre includes a three bedded assessment unit.

These links provide more information about what you might expect during your labour.

The stages of labour and birth on NHS.uk

Third stage of labour

Delayed Cord Clamping

Pain relief

It is useful for you and whoever supports you during your labour to know what options you have for pain relief.

Pain relief in labour on NHS.uk

Some questions you might like to ask your midwife

  • If I want to use them, what aids and equipment are likely to be available in my chosen place of birth to help me change position and is there room to move around during labour?
  • Are there any reasons (such as an epidural or a monitor for the baby’s heart rate) which may make it difficult for me to get into different positions? What can we do to help me use different positions if I want to?
  • If I want them to, can people please ask permission to enter my room?
  • Is there space to safely store my own and my companions’ belongings safely?
  • If I/we want a few moments alone, how do we ask for this and how do we call the midwife back if we need them?

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