Sample Storage

Blood Sciences Sample StorageThe Blood Sciences department receives in excess of 5,000 samples per day. The storage of these samples must therefore be limited to a maximum of 4 days

Sample Viability

The department does not recommend or encourage the use of ‘add-on tests’ but under specific circumstances tests may be added as shown below.

For tests not routinely performed within the Blood Sciences department refer to the specific analytes within the test repertoire table.

Routine Chemistry, Endocrine & Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – Stable for up to 2 days

With the exception of:

      • Serum Glucose – stable for up to 4 hours
      • Urea & Electrolytes –  stable for up to 24 hours
      • Troponin I – stable for up to 24 hours
      • Creatine Kinase (CK) – stable for up to 24 hour
      • Ca125 – stable for up to 24 hour
      • BNP – unable to add onto existing requests

 Routine Haematology

Stable for up to 24 hours from venepuncture. Please note that for blood films, integrity maybe affected depending on pre-analytical storage and when an add on request is received. Morphological features maybe better interpreted on a fresh sample.


Stable for up to 8 hours from venepuncture (this includes requests for DDimers).

With the exception of:

  • referral coagulation assays, such as, thrombophilia, lupus, factor assays.

These tests cannot be added onto an existing sample. Fresh samples are required for processing. If in doubt, please contact the laboratory prior to sending the add on request.