The poster below outlines the order of draw for venepuncture:

The table below outlines the different types of anticoagulant and sample volume requirements for the tests listed in the test repertoire table. The information in the test repertoire table refers to 1 x adult or 1 x paediatric sample unless stated otherwise.

Colour reference in the test repertoire table Anticoagulant used Standard bottle volume (Adult) Paediatric bottle volume
Red K-EDTA (Potassium-Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) 4.0ml 1.2ml
Brown None. Gel used to separate red cells from serum. 4.9ml 1.1ml
Green Trisodium citrate 4.3ml 1.4ml
Yellow Fluoride 4.9ml or 2.7ml 1.1ml
Orange Lithium Heparin 9.0ml 1.1ml