PCR Test

Viral transport swabs must be used, these are available from the laboratory (multiple manufacturers supplied at present). These must be sent to the laboratory ASAP, please store in the fridge if unable to send same day.

PCR testing is performed in-house at our partner laboratory at Rotherham Hospital, and the turn around time is <24 hrs from receipt of sample in the laboratory.

Urgent PCR testing can be performed in house using DRW SAMBA technology.

Please do not ring the laboratory for results as these are available on ICE as soon as they are resulted from the analyser, or will be communicated to you from your healthcare provider.

Antibody testing

Restricted availability for this test as the test is for surveillance/ research purposes only at present.

Brown topped serum gel tubes should be used and sent to the laboratory within 8 hours of collection.

Testing is performed in-house with results being available 48 hours after sample receipt, if mobile phone numbers are provided results will be texted to the individuals.


If clinical advice on any Covid related issues is required please contact the Consultant Microbiologists on ext 2749 or 4986.