Swabs for routine bacterial culture

For instructions on how to take swabs please refer to the Royal Marsden nursing procedures manual from the Intranet (under Nursing procedures in links).

Please ensure swabs used have not passed the expiry date and are intact with the seal unbroken.

Place the swab in the tube containing Amies charcoal transport medium, send to the laboratory as soon as possible, if same day transport is not available then they can be stored in a refrigerator overnight but DO NOT FREEZE.

Fine wire swabs ( orange topped) are available for use when taking ear swabs.

For the diagnosis of Pertussis, fine flexible wire pernasal swabs ( Blue top)  are available.

Provisional results will be available after 24 hours if urgently required please telephone the Microbiology laboratory (ext 2687) with final results being available on ICE after 48hrs but some could take up to 10 days depending on examinations required.