Clinical Trials….how did it all start?


Generally considered the first controlled clinical trial in modern times, James Lind, a Scottish physician and pioneer in the field of naval medicine, conducted a series of experiments that would revolutionise the treatment of scurvy, a disease that was prevalent among sailors at the time.

Lind’s experiments involved dividing a group of sailors who were suffering from scurvy into different groups and providing them with different diets. One group was given citrus fruits, while the others were given other types of food. ┬áLind observed that the sailors who were given citrus fruits showed significant improvement in their condition, while the others did not.

Lind’s experiments provided scientific proof that scurvy could be prevented and treated by providing sailors with citrus fruits containing vitamin C.

James Lind was a true pioneer in the field of medicine and research, whose work had a lasting impact on the health and well-being of people around the world.

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