What is heath and care research?

Undertaking clinical research helps study and improve healthcare provided by the NHS. Research is very varied. Below are some examples of different types of research.

  • Safety and effectiveness of medications.
  • Safety and effectiveness of a device e.g. pacemaker.
  • Evaluating the impact of a health condition on quality of life.
  • New methods for diagnosing health conditions.
  • Research into genes and environmental factors to determine their contribution to disease e.g. smoking

The NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) provides a comprehensive list of answers to this and many more questions. You can find out further information here.

Who can be involved in research?

Different research requires different people to be involved depending upon the study. This maybe a patient with a specific condition, a family member of a patient with a health condition or a healthy person. In other words, anyone can be involved in research.

What can I expect if I take part in research?

Every research study is different; however, you will always be provided with written information for you to decide if it is right for you and given an opportunity to discuss with a healthcare professional.

How do I get involved in research?

I want to take part in a study:

Register of interest

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Including your details on this register does not commit you to taking part in any particular research projects. If a potential research project opens a member of the research team from Barnsley Hospital will look at your medical records to check if you might be suitable based on different aspects of your health, for example, your symptoms or your medication.If you were found suitable for a particular project, the research team would get in contact with you. You are then free to agree to take part or not, without giving a reason. Refusal of any projects not of interest to you will in no way affect clinical care.

How we use your data
We use information collected in this form only for purposes related to your enquiry. Read more about how we use data in our general privacy policy, or request a copy of your data.

I want to help with research:

You don’t have to be taking part in a research study to get involved.

It is important that it is not just healthcare professionals who decide on what research should take place, you can have an influence on this too.

To find out more on the types of activities you could get involved in please visit https://www.nihr.ac.uk/patients-carers-and-the-public/i-want-to-help-with-research/


What kind of research can you take part in?

 There are many different types of research:

  • Some studies test new treatments or require samples.
  • Others may involve interviews or surveys.
  • Some research may require your one-off involvement, while others may have several follow ups over a period of time.

Your Doctor and Research Nurses will explain what’s involved in their study before you decide if you want to take part. It’s always your choice whether to take part and you can change your mind at anytime.

How can I find a study I can take part in?

You can ask your doctor, nurse or healthcare professional about trials that you may be suitable for.

Be Part of Research  is an online service which helps people understand what research is, what taking part might involve, as well as helping people find studies and volunteer to take part.