Clinical research should be part of the everyday healthcare being delivered in Barnsley. Our aim is to offer opportunities to participate in research to all patients. To achieve this, you might have a research idea that you would like to deliver in your area.

Alternatively, lots of studies are looking for a number of Hospitals to run their research in to ensure diversity in the patient population. You may want to help deliver one of these studies and the research team can help you identify potential opportunities.

What support is available?

The research and Development Department are here to provide comprehensive advice and support with development, set up delivery and closure of research studies in Barnsley. Whether it is your own study or part of a wider project we will help review capacity and capability and assign a lead research nurse to support the delivery.

To find out more please contact us for an informal chat.

Is my Study Research?

We advise researchers in the first instance to use the following decision tool provided by the Health Research Authority (HRA):

To find out if your study is research –

What is my study classified as?


Designed to derive generalisable or transferable new knowledge to answer questions with scientifically sound methods.

contact :

Service Evaluation

Designed and conducted solely to define or judge current care.



Designed and conducted to produce information to inform delivery of best care.

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Quality Improvement

Designed as a method for solving problems and making things better, by testing improvement ideas and learning together from things that do and don’t work.

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*Adapted from the HRA Defining Research table 

Health Research Authority (HRA) Approval

On 16 April 2018, HRA Approval became HRA and Health and Care Research Wales (HCRW) Approval and now applies to all project-based research taking place in the NHS in England and Wales, HRA Approval brings together the assessment of governance and legal compliance, undertaken by dedicated HRA staff, with the independent ethical opinion by a Research Ethics Committee (REC) so that you only need to submit one application. This allows participating organisations to focus their resources on assessing, arranging and confirming their capacity and capability to deliver the study.

Please click on the following link for full guidance:

Ethical Opinion

Check via this link to find out if your study needs NHS research ethics approval:

Do I need a sponsor?

All research requires a sponsor.  The sponsor is the individual, company, institution or organisation that takes on legal responsibility for the initiation, management and/or financing of the research.

Specifically, the sponsor takes responsibility for ensuring that the design of the study meets appropriate standards and that arrangements are in place to ensure appropriate conduct and reporting.

Local Confirmation of Assessment Capability & Capacity

If you have a research study that you wish to open then the R&D Department will need to assess, arrange and confirm their capacity and capability to deliver the study at the Trust. This process has several stages,  for details contact the R&D Department.

The Research Passport and Letters of Access

The Research Passport forms part of the HR Good Practice Resource Pack which contains information and documentation to support the process for handling HR arrangements for researchers, and provides a streamlined approach for confirming details of the pre-engagement checks they have undergone with the NHS/HSC.

For further guidance and to access the Resource Pack please click on the link below:

Student Research

Student research means studies which are primarily for the purpose of obtaining an educational qualification. We can support student research here at the Trust however at this time we are unable to sponsor the research.

The Student research toolkit has been designed by the HRA to pull together the resources a student will need to understand what approvals are required and whether they are eligible to carry out their research in the UK. It contains links to existing decision tools as well as some new ones developed especially for students.

For further information visit: 

Research Funding

The National Institute for Health Research holds funding bids to assist with your research.

Find out how to apply for NIHR funding for your research project, including eligibility criteria, which programme is most suitable, and how to make a strong application.

Assistive Technology and Research

R&D work alongside The Barnsley Assistive Technology Team which is is a nationally recognised specialised service that works with other professionals in local teams to provide electronic assistive technology.

For more information on cutting edge developments in the assistive technology field visit: