Patients in the ambulatory care area should be low personal care dependent and independently mobile.

Frail patients will be cared for utilising the bespoke couches within the Acute Medical Assessment Clinic (AMAC) as this facilitates comfort and supports undertaking patient care needs, for example Tissue Viability.

Acute follow up appointments may be created to facilitate early discharge from the Acute Medical Unit (AMU). Following Consultant review the patient will be booked a pre-agreed return time via the AMU Consultant secretaries. This will be booked as a follow up appointment under that specific consultant and logged in the AMAC diary and on our electronic booking system (Lorenzo).  The patient will return to the AMAC to be seen.

Acute Medical Rapid Access Clinic appointments are available for new patients referred to the AMU Consultant from the Emergency Department, General Practitioners or hospital clinics via Right Care (Barnsley).

This is an admission avoidance initiative which allows patients to remain at home and be guaranteed an emergency appointment next day.