Surgical Admissions takes all emergency admissions from ED and GP. These patients will be assessed in a timely manner and an appropriate plan of care formulated. If the patient requires an overnight stay they will be transferred to the In-patient Surgical Unit (ISU). If at all possible the unit tries to discharge as many patients as possible to prevent unnecessary overnight stay.

Surgical Admission provides an Ambulatory service where patients can return for a review, bloods, wound check, scans etc. This service provides a safe environment for those patients that are clinically well enough to go home but not ready to be fully discharged from the Surgical Team. Patients can wait at home until an appointment is made for their scan. Once they have had the scan the results will be discussed with a senior Dr and a plan of care formulated.

The Bridging Clinic provides care pre and post-op for patients undergoing elective surgery who are on warfarin. It is a nurse led service that manages the whole process from the patient stopping their warfarin pre-op until they are therapeutic again. Most patients have to attend twice weekly for around 3 weeks until they can be safely discharged back to their usual provider.

Surgical Admissions has been involved with the Abscess Pathway since it was introduced in 2014. This process involves all patients that present with an abscess being assessed by a senior Dr and a decision being made whether they are suitable to be on this pathway. The majority of patients are suitable so they are sent home with instructions to return the following morning, fasted, ready for theatre. These patients are put first on the emergency list so there is no delay in them going to theatre. This means that they spend less time fasting and they are not hanging around waiting to go to theatre.

Surgical Admissions operates from 7:30am to 8:30pm seven days a week including Bank Holidays.