Our urology unit offers a one stop clinic. This gives patients a more efficient and convenient service.

The one stop clinic reduces the number of times some patients will have to attend appointments as the team can investigate & diagnose on the same day.

Urology Outpatient Services

Our Urology Department runs a variety of outpatient clinics at Barnsley District Hospital. These clinics include:

General Urology Clinics – Common problems include problems passing urine, infections, leakage, problems with the foreskin.

Haematuria clinics – A “one-stop” clinic for investigation of blood in the urine.

Stone Clinic – A weekly clinic specifically for patients with stones in the urinary tract.

Female Urology Clinic – A specialist clinic for women with urinary problems.

Erectile Dysfunction Clinic – This is a clinic run by our specialist andrologist – who is an expert in male sexual problems such as erection difficulties.

We off a wide range of investigations and treatments, many of which are outpatient-based. These include:

Flow Rate and Bladder Scanning – A simple non-invasive test to assess the efficiency of bladder emptying.

Flexible Cystoscopy – An outpatient-based inspection of the bladder using a thin flexible telescope.

Urodynamics – A diagnostic test to assess bladder function.

ISC Tuition – A Specialist Nurse clinic (both male and female nurse specialists available) to teach patients how to insert a specially designed catheter into the bladder to aid bladder emptying.

Bladder Instillations – Another Specialist Nurse clinic to treat chronic bladder problems by introduction of therapeutic solutions into the bladder.

Andrology Surgery – A specialist surgical discipline offering operations for men with erection problems. This service is run by Mr Raj Nagarajan, Consultant Urologist and Andrology specialist.

Lithotripsy – The use of shockwave treatment to break up kidney stones without the need for anaesthetic or a surgical procedure. Unlike many units, this is run by a Consultant Endo-urologist – a specialist in the treatment of stones.

Day Case Stone Surgery – Minimally invasive surgery using rigid or flexible telescopes which can be passed into the ureter (tube between kidneys and bladder) or into the kidney itself to destroy stones with a miniature laser fibre. The stone service is run by Mr Stephen Mitchell, Clinical Director and Consultant Endo-urologist.

We perform the vast majority of surgery as Day Case Procedures, which means you will be in and out of hospital in less than a day and do not need to stay in hospital overnight.

Urology Inpatient Services

Some patients are not able to go home the same day, in which case we will arrange for your stay in hospital on one of our wards. We carry out a wide range of inpatient surgical procedures including the procedures listed above as well as more major operations.

Accessibility & Travel Information

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