Information for outpatients

Patients who have seen a doctor in the hospital and have been given a hospital prescription can obtain their medicines from the pharmacy, where they will be given 28 days supply plus counseling, as needed. This is your opportunity to ask the pharmacist for any advice or inform of new medication started.

Experienced pharmacy staff, trained in patient counseling skills, can provide patients and other customers with any information or advice they need about medicines they are taking home. They will explain what the medicines are for, how much to take and how often, possible side effects to expect and how to obtain further supplies. They can also explain why treatment may have changed or been discontinued while the patient was in hospital.

A patient information leaflet will be provided with nearly all dispensed products, along with a compliance sheet on request. Patients are counseled on their medicines either as outpatients collecting their prescriptions from the pharmacy outpatient counter or on the wards by the pharmacy team.

Information for inpatients

You are encouraged to bring you own medication into hospital for re-use during your inpatient stay.  If you need further supplies while you are in hospital then the pharmacy team on the ward will order the medication for the length of time required. The dispensary team will dispense the medication and make sure the medication is on the ward before the next dose is due.

Medication used on the wards may be also be used on discharge so you may find that some packs may not be complete because you been taking them on the ward.

Discharge and Follow-Up

Patients are advised to deliver the copy of the prescription to their surgery as soon as possible and arrange an appointment with their doctor within four weeks. This is to ensure they do not run out of tablets and that that their GP has an opportunity to discuss any medication changes with them. Patients are usually discharged with all the medicines they need to take and the pharmacy will deal with the medicines no longer needed.