Our volunteers work in an array of different roles within different department across the hospital. Have a look through to see if any interest you.

We always need volunteers for all the roles described on this page, so why not volunteer today?

Accident and Emergency department (A&E) Min age 18

Between 180-250 people pass through our emergency department every day. This doesn’t include the worried family members and friends who accompany the sick or injured person and have to sit and wait while their loved one is attended to. If you are sociable, open and don’t mind serving up cups of tea and sitting with people as they wait, then this role is for you.

Emergency Department Front Stream Meet & Greet

Meet and greet patients at the Emergency Department and deal with general queries. Direct and assist visitors to the appropriate waiting area or to other departments and helping Patients use the Self Check-in Kiosk. Talking and listening to patients concerns and escalating any issues immediately to nursing staff in ED.

Barnsley Hospital Charity – Event Volunteer

As part of raising vital funds and awareness of what the charity does to support the hospital patients, their families and our staff we hold a number of fundraising events.

In order to run these large events we need volunteers that we can call on to help in a number of ways. This could be as a marshal for a run or walk, helping run a stall/registration desk, handing out goodies, collecting with a bucket, bag packing at a supermarket or even getting dressed to add the element of fun to the event! This list is not exhaustive!

Barnsley Hospital Charity – Coin Collecting Volunteer

As part of our fundraising we place coin collecting tubs in local businesses and community groups.

You will place new tubs, look after existing tubs and be responsible for ensuring  the sealed collection tubs are taken to the Hospital cashier for counting. The placing of tubs can be at a time to suit you and you can be responsible for as many as you

choose to manage.  You will need to report back to the charity Fundraising Team at regular intervals to help us keep accurate records of our collection tubs.

Chemotherapy Unit Min age 18

We need caring, positive individuals to help making tea/coffee for the patients and helping to meet and greet any patients and visitors to the unit. Something as small as playing cards and reading to the patients as well as talking to the patients and offering your company is important in this role to ensure patients are content.

Diabetes Centre

The Diabetes Centre is a fast-flowing environment in which you would collect notes and escort patients within the department as directed by the nursing staff. You may also take specimens to the Laboratories and help in preparing clinics alongside staff members. Liaising with staff and clinicians is essential to maintain the effective patient flow.

Children’s Ward (Ward 37) Min age 18

On the Children’s ward, you will provide a voluntary support to the nursing staff on ward 37 and assist in greeting parents, children and visitors. You will also answer the door buzzer and the telephone and show new patients and their relatives all the wards facilities. You also get to assist play leaders in play and you can read stories to the patients. The children’s ward is a busy area and there will always be a job to do; running errands around the hospital, photocopying activities for the children and lots more.

Coffee shops and tea bar

Our busy coffee shops and tea bar are popular stop-off points for patients, visitors and staff alike. Your customer service skills need to be at their best as you take orders, prepare hot drinks / snacks and operate the till (full training is provided).

Day Care Surgery Min age 18

Another busy department at the hospital is our Day Care Surgery where patients come in for their minor operation or surgery, recover and go home in the same day. We need caring, positive individuals to help serve drinks to patients and generally keep patients happy and stress-free as possible while they wait for treatment and after during recovery.

End of Life Companion Min age 18

The role of the End of Life Companion is to provide comfort and support to patients, their families or carers at their time of need. The duties will include sitting with Patients and providing companionship, listening to the needs of the patients and families and showing understanding and compassion to the patients needs and communicating concerns about the patient, family or carer to the ward nursing team.

Please note, due to overwhelming support from our community we are not currently recruiting for End of Life Companions.

Enhanced Support Volunteer

We have various opportunities for volunteers to support patients. As an Enhanced Support volunteer, you could be working with patients to help them eat their meals, or supporting “virtual visiting” by providing assistance using a mobile phone or tablet device so relatives to keep in touch with loved ones while they’re in hospital.

You might be asked to take specialist training so you can provide appropriate support for patients living with dementia, or people who are on end of life care plans.

You might also be called on to greet patients and visitors on arrival, or help patients pass time during their stay here by involving them in games, reading or other activities.

Escorting ward patients to the Chapel on Sunday

Our Sunday service in the Chapel attracts people from all walks of life across the hospital but for patients who are bedridden or find it hard to get about, getting there can prove difficult. That’s where a kind and compassionate volunteer comes in who can give that helping hand to a patient so they can attend Chapel and get back to their beds safely to rest again afterwards.

Fracture Clinic

The main role of a Fracture Clinic volunteer is talking and listening to patients who are waiting in the department, sitting with patients, keeping patients informed about the waiting times on request and fetching drinks of water for people in the waiting areas. Other duties include meeting and greeting patients and showing them how to use the electronic check in desk and directing and assisting patients to x-ray, pre-assessment and any other areas around the Hospital.

Intensive Care Unit (ITU) Min age 18

When working in the Intensive Care Unit, it is important that you are caring and compassionate. It will be your role to meet and greet relatives/visitors at the doors leading into theatre reception and escorting them through theatre reception to ITU. In the role it is important to have good communication skills as you will talk and listen to the patients/relatives and give support where needed from a patient/relative perspective.


While some of our patients come to hospital for a day or night at a time, others can be with us for a week or more. What better way to help pass the time than a good book? Both patients and staff use our library which stocks a good range of books from novels and biographies to crimes and dramas.

Outpatient departments

OutpatientsOver 243,000 people pass through our outpatients department every year, there fore it is a busy, fast flowing area. Being friendly, welcoming and helpful is therefore an absolute must working in this area. It could include anything from welcoming patients and visitors, assisting members of the public to the outpatients booking in desk to signposting and showing people how to get to departments and various parts of the hospital. Within the outpatients department we have a range of different areas to volunteer in:

  • Outpatients Self-Check in Kiosks – A new role created to encourage patients to use the Self-Check in kiosks located in the Outpatients reception area.  This is an interesting role, as you will deal with patients/public general queries on the arrival to Outpatients whilst promoting the use of the self-check in kiosks. Some patients may also need assisting to use the self-check in kiosks.
  • Audiology – it is key to be friendly and welcoming, as you will be greeting patients arriving in the department. You may also make help in making appointments for repairs and answer general questions about waiting times and etc.
  • Surgical, Medical, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Breast, Chest – We have a range of different roles in the Outpatients department, if you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas please contact us for more information.

Meet and greet volunteers

Our friendly volunteers help and support to patients and visitors in a variety of different ways from advice about hospital services to showing you where to find the ward you’re looking for (and much more besides!). The ‘meet & greeters’ are based at main reception and are always around to give help and answer queries. An important role is to escort patients around the hospital to their appointment or to the wards. If you think you could help patients in this way, then this is just the role for you.

The Well Min age 18

The Well is based in Barnsley Town Centre and offers complementary therapies such as massages to cancer patients. To volunteer at The Well you must have the ability to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable. As a volunteer, it would be your role to escort the patients to and from the reception to The Well on the 3rd floor. You would also help the therapists to set up, clear when necessary, and help to complete the therapist’s activity sheets. In conjunction with The Well we also offer the voluntary role of scarf tying and giving advice on headwear after hair loss, this voluntary role is based on Ward 24 at the hospital.

Ward 18 Min age 18

Meeting and greeting patients and visitors to the ward and opening security controlled ward access, Helping patients and visitors familiarise themselves to the ward layout, Read to patients if they are having difficulty in doing so themselves, Make any drinks if required , Playing card game, dominoes, jigsaws etc with patients, befriend, listen and assist to support patients requiring enhanced psychological support due to poor prognosis or clinical outcome, Maintain confidentiality and feedback to health professionals

Ward 19/20 Min age 18

On wards 19/20, meeting and greeting patients and visitors to the ward is a key part of the role. You may also sit and read to patients if they are having difficulty in doing so themselves, you could also play card games and dominoes etc.

Some patients may need help to complete meal menus and helping patients at meal times is required; encouraging them to eat, cutting up food and making sure the patients can reach their food. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then this is the role for you.

Ward 22 Min age 18

Meeting and greeting patients and visitors to the ward, opening security controlled ward access and helping patients and visitors familiarise themselves to the ward layout.

Answer the telephone but not giving out any information about patients. Helping patients at meal times: Encouraging them to eat, cutting up food, making sure patients can reach their food, helping with feeding if necessary.