Diabetes and Endocrinology

Diabetes and Endocrinology

The Diabetes and Endocrinology department provides specialist services for patients with diabetes throughout Barnsley and the surrounding areas.

A person tests their blood sugar levels

Healthcare provided

The Robert Hague Centre for Diabetes is based at Barnsley Hospital, the centre is named after one our past consultants in recognition for his work within the hospital and his service to the patients of Barnsley. 

The department provides a range of hospital based diabetes and endocrinology services including:

Diabetes Services

  • podiatrist (foot clinic)
  • dietician
  • endocrine specialist nurse
  • research and development
  • young adult clinics
  • antenatal services
  • diabetic eye screening
  • insulin pump clinics

Endocrinology Services

  • andrology – testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction
  • pituitary disorders
  • growth hormone replacement therapy and thyroid disease
  • full endocrine testing
  • radioiodine therapy – iodine treatment for overactive thyroid conditions
  • fine needle aspirations of thyroid nodules
  • endocrine antenatal clinics

We have a highly specialised team consisting of five consultants, an endocrine specialist nurse, research registrar & nurse, podiatrist, dietician and retinal screeners.

We also provide an in patient service for acute medical, diabetes and endocrinology related problems.

Visit the AccessAble website for accessibility information and directions for visiting the Diabetes and Endocrinology department

Get in touch

Call the Diabetes Centre on
01226 432379

Call our secretaries on 
01226 435366

HCG Gonasi Tutorial

A video tutorial showing how to mix and draw up the drug HCG.


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